Are you a high-school student who needs part-time work to help finance your college or university studies? Are you already an out-of-town college or university student who needs extra income to pay their living expenses? I bet that the last thing you want is debt and more than likely you are looking at a sizeable one.

Probably the easiest way is just to take the bus and/or walk around somewhere close to where you live and that is easily accessible. Look for signs. Nearly every business needs you~ However, I don’t recommend going in unprepared. Being prepared means having a good one-page resume showing how you can help them. Don’t phone. Walk in.

Good Tips

  1. Be appropriately dressed, well-groomed and shine your shoes (employers look).
  2. Have your unfolded, unsealed resume in an 8 x 11 envelope.
  3. Print your resume on buff coloured paper if you are female or on gray paper if you
    are male.
  4. Always ask to speak to the manager, or person-in-charge of hiring.  Competition is
    fierce and an employee might just not hand in your application.  Don’t take chances. Ask when the person you need to talk to will be in.
  5. Your resume should state your name, address, phone number and e-mail.  As an
    objective have part-time work.
  6. Next state the skills you are offering.  Make a list:  good oral, written and customer
    service skills.  Under experience write the position, company and length-of-time
  7. Employers like to see your time-management and organizational abilities so
    volunteerwork can be powerful.  I usually put this under the heading Community
  8. Lastly, under Education & Accomplishments write the program you are enrolled
    in, where it is, and its time period, e.g.  September 2016 – May 2017.  Include your
    high school and location too.  First Aid training, Driver’s Licence, Reliable Vehicle or
    Transportation and Police Check are useful too.

I can help with page layout if need be.

For more information, please contact me by telephone at 705-743-0058 or by e-mail at I’d love to help!


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