Ok, so you’re handing out tonnes of resumes. In fact, at this point, you could probably wallpaper a whole room with the number of resumes you’ve sent out into the world… but you’re not getting job interviews. It’s a simple, but often overlooked fact: if you’re not getting called for jobs that you know you could do, chances are, no matter how good you think it is, your resume is to blame and here’s why…
On average, how long do you think an employer takes to look at a resume before deciding whether or not to bring you in for an interview?

  1. a) 1 – 10 Seconds
    b) 10 – 15 Seconds
    c) About 30 Seconds
    d) About a Minute
    e) About 5 Minutes

Really think about it for a second. You’re an employer; you’ve placed an ad for a factory worker position on the CERP Job Board, the Service Canada Job Bank and let’s say Kijiji. You receive 40 resumes in 4 days, by the end of a week you have 100 and if you’re crazy enough to post it for two weeks straight you may have between 150-200 resumes to sort through. Now you’re sitting at your desk with a cup of coffee that’s getting colder by the second, you’re behind in your workload because you’re short an employee, and your boss is now getting frustrated with you because he’s paying overtime to cover the empty shift when necessary. How long would you take with each resume? Really?

Whether we’re dealing with 200 resumes or 20, it’s estimated that an employer takes 10 -15 seconds to look at a resume in the initial sorting period and in my experience both having hired and having worked with those who do, this a pretty realistic figure. That’s not to say that an employer won’t go back and give resumes in the ‘yes’ and ‘maybe’ piles a closer look, but the key is to be in the’ yes’ pile at the end of the first sorting.

This is where an employment counsellor can make all the difference. They have training and experience and can look at your resume, your job history and the field you’re applying to and help you to structure your resume in a way that will make it easier for an employer to instantly connect you to their needs at a glance, which is what you need to make it into the ‘yes’ pile.
For more information or help with you resume come into an employment service centre. It’s free. You don’t need an appointment and we have staff on hand to help you with your resume at all times.

By: Jon Hedderwick
Job Developer, Employment Planning and Counselling – Peterborough
138 Simcoe St., Peterborough, ON Phone: 705-748-9110 Email: info@epcjobs.ca
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