If I’m being honest, before I entered an employment agency for the first time—coincidently the one I now work at—I’d always thought that there was nothing an employment counsellor could do for me that I couldn’t do for myself. Though I’m sure many of you reading this won’t know me, those who do have probably figured out by now that I think I know everything. In fact, the only reason I did go for job search assistance was because I was referred by an employer that I wanted to work for, who had registered with the Ontario Government’s Summer Job Service. The employer was taking advantage of one of the many programs offered by employment service agencies which connect job seekers to jobs in their community. In my case, the Summer Job Service, an Employment Ontario program for students, made it possible for the employer to hire me at a fair wage; this in turn made it possible for me to stay in Peterborough for the summer with the girl who would eventually become my wife.

Am I promising that a trip to an employment centre will find you true love?
Am I saying that all of your dreams will come true?
No… of course not. If I could do that, I’d be a much wealthier man, writing this from a beach somewhere in the South Pacific.

What I am saying is that employment service agencies help people of all kinds to achieve their goals by helping them to position themselves more effectively in the job market, by preparing them to compete for the jobs they want, and by connecting them to opportunities in their communities for which they are suited. Whether you’re looking for that first job, your next job, or your dream job, employment service agencies have a wide range of publically funded services which can help you better position yourself to change your life.

Find your fresh start! Drop into an employment centre for help with your job search. It doesn’t cost you anything. You don’t need an appointment. We offer employment resources and information, job boards, resume help, career and education counselling, job search assistance, and we can also connect you to a variety of government programs and services designed to help you be more successful in whatever path you choose.

So are employment services right for you? Come in and see. What have you got to lose?

By: Jon Hedderwick
Job Developer, Employment Planning and Counselling – Peterborough
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