O.K., you have done all that you can possibly do to move your work status from unemployed or temporary worker status. You have followed so-called expert advice but change has not happened. Unfortunately, the labour market is not good at the moment and conditions are not likely to improve for some time. That is the grim reality and there is no point in thinking that something is wrong with you, your qualifications or your job search strategies. So, do all you can and try something else.

Ask yourself if one of your hobbies, present or old, could transition into paid work. Doing something you love makes time pass quickly and brings you a sense of self-satisfaction and renewal. If you don’t have a hobby perhaps there is something you would like to learn. You know, what you always said you’d like to do if you had the time.

The news media frequently report that Canadian educators and employers say that legible, cursive handwriting has almost disappeared. Young people grow up not even knowing how to hold a pen correctly. Instead of angling their pens or pencils with their thumb and forefinger they use their thumb and clenched fist. This makes me shudder. As a former educator, I often encountered work that was illegible. Beware – some large companies have the means can analyze handwriting to determine the abilities of their present and/or future employees. A very sobering thought! Much of that has changed now that nearly everyone has mastered keyboard skills but names still have to be signed. What does your signature say about you?

Words are my stock-in-trade and I love to see them beautifully hand-written. A calligraphy is an art form that has been followed through the ages. I’ll talk about it in my next blog.


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