In today’s precarious and difficult employment world one needs to be very flexible and willing to give up over-the-top apparel, hair cuts, facial hair and TATTOOS.  Over-the-top clothes and shoes might be suitable in some boutique stores and the same might be said for haircuts and highlights (as long as they aren’t neon-coloured).  Facial hair on men is o.k too as long as it is well-groomed.  However, tattoos are really taboo.  A survey of employers revealed that many employers of small and medium-sized firms do not want to see tattoos of any kind on their employees.  In fact, any applicant with a visible tattoo would be automatically eliminated as a future employee.  In fact, a U.S. Prison Warden advises inmates soon to be paroled into their community to remove any visible tattoo before applying for a job.  If this is the case for parolees, imagine how it is for other plain Canadian or American folk.  Personally, I am of the generation that has always regarded tattoos as defacement and unnecessary torture.  Maybe a case can be made for certain indigenous civilizations like the Maori but again that would engender surprise and perhaps antipathy among customers.  I remember my first reaction upon meeting a lovely Maori lady.  So, some job seekers who have always prided themselves on expressing their individuality visibly, may have a difficult choice or two to make.

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