Writing a résumé is both an art and a craft that develops over time with education, professional development and experience – in my case 18 years.  I belong to many business organizations and am in constant contact with employers to learn their needs.  As a résumé writer I have to be very logical, clear-thinking and systematic.  My challenge is to make you so interesting that employers can’t wait to interview you.

A résumé is a picture in words – it is objective and gives an overview of your professional experience.  Mostly, I write for executives, trades people, educators and college and university graduates.  A specialty I have developed is helping people transition into different careers for various reasons.  Sometimes clients are forced to find new opportunities because they have become redundant or their company has ceased operation.  Another category I see are retirees who only want part-time work to supplement their pensions. The format I use has never varied because it works.  It was developed out with employers and is reviewed from time-to-time.  Letterhead, Highlights of Qualification, Summary, Experience, Community Involvement, Education; Accomplishments.  Sometimes, I add a Skill Set section.  Curriculum Vitaes are somewhat different in that they are for college and university professors.

The process involves two meetings of approximately 1-2 hours.  The first is for fact gathering and the second is to proofread and finalize what I have written for you.  Follow-up and interview tips are offered. 2-page résumés and cover letters start at $150.00.  3 page résumés and cover letters range between $150.00 / $225.00 depending on the work involved for the executive or managerial client.  Payment terms are cash with ½ upfront and ½ after finalization.  Taxes are included in the prices and a receipt is provided.  Minor changes can be made without charge for up to 6 months.

For more information, please contact me by telephone at 705-743-0058 or by e-mail at cvanecko@cogeco.ca. I’d love to help!


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