resume and cover letter

2016 hasn’t been easy for new job hunters and especially those who are upwardly mobile.
In plain language “wanting to better them”. Often, I get calls from a parent or spouse asking how much I charge for a “simple résumé”.

I answer that my prices are very reasonable but that there is no such thing as a simple résumé. Each person is unique and so are their attributes, experience and career goals. As a seasoned professional résumé’s writer familiar with most professions, 18 years of experience and a proven track record my fee structure reflects my expertise and
knowledge. Just as an electrician, a plumber or mechanic have rates, I do too.

Résumé and cover letter packages including a free in-person, one-hour consultation, a quality-check and a stringent finalization process typically involve 10-14 hours of work on my part. The cost to clients ranges from $15.00 – $225.00. My prices are actually mid-range but definitely more than downloading free templates from the Internet or
paying an unknown, online writer you will never meet by PayPal. Beware of paying separately for a cover letter, the number of résumé pages and no review process who probably just uses a custom template that does not individualize applicants.

For more information, please contact me by telephone at 705-743-0058 or by e-mail at I’d love to help!


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