This may sound like a strange title for a job blog but homesickness can be a fact of life for many people. Recently while driving and listening to a FM radio station, the DJ played “Lara’s Song” the theme song from “Dr. Zhivago”. It brought back some very vivid memories.

Years ago, shortly after the film’s release, I was living and working in London, England. I was wandering around Piccadilly Circus, an entertainment hub, when I decided to spend my afternoon watching a recently-released movie “Dr. Zhivago”. I no sooner saw the vastness of the Russian blue sky after Yuri and his first family left Moscow for their summer home in Siberia than I started to cry. The crying continued for days and my emotional state was painful BECAUSE I was homesick for Canada. O.K., St. Catharines is not Siberia, but Southern Ontario does have huge stretches of open blue sky.

Fast forward another 30 years to Laval University in Quebec where I was doing a post-graduate course in French one summer. A girlfriend from Calgary, met at a previous immersion course at McGill University in Montreal, was also there so we chummed around in our spare time. She was uncharacteristically quiet and it was hard to understand what was bothering her. Less than half-way through our session, she announced she had decided to return to Calgary. She missed the vastness of the Alberta sky. I fully understood.

At the moment, jobs are still scarce and many people have been forced to relocate to other cities and/or provinces to obtain work. Probably, some of you will face the same situation and I can fully understand your feelings, having done it several times in my career. Short distances are problematic enough but moving to larger provinces can produce feelings of homesickness. It does pass though given a positive attitude and making a sincere effort to absorb all the advantages of a new job and new location. You will be the richer for it.


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