The answer is none.  Why?  Your résumé is a business document with the sole aim of finding a job for you that sells your professional knowledge in a related labour market.  It could be sales – inside or outside, health care, teaching, social work …Your birth date, nationality, religion, hobbies do not belong.  They could easily allow recipients to toss your résumé because of their personal bias.  So, beware.

The only personalization I use is somewhat indirect and is a Community Involvement Section. It documents your involvement in your community and how you contribute to it.  An example could be Volunteer/Driver, Community Care, Peterborough.  April 2009 – Present.  Community Involvement says a lot about you especially if you combine it with your day job.  It shows time management, energy, concern for others, interpersonal and public relations skills and work ethic. What you put here, if you can, indicates how you might fit in with a company’s image of themselves.

never include on your resume
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