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Cover letters serve to lead into your résumé and begin to showcase you to recipients.  They should not exceed one page.  I have always followed this rule during the 18 years I have been helping people write successful job applications because that is what employers want.  They want to see how you present yourself, therefore, your cover letter and résumé constitute “a portrait of you in words”.  They are more personal than résumés and show how you will communicate in an interview or “on the job”.  Be sure to use only clear concise business language and delete unnecessary words.


Center and bold your personal letterhead on 4 lines – name; street address; city, province, postal code; telephone numbers and finally e-mail address.

Place date at the left-hand margin.  (Variations can be used in some circumstances).

The name and title of the addressee are next and their full business address (use initiative to find it/them if possible).  If the only way to respond to an ad is by e-mail, the e-mail is used in place of the address.

Position/balance the salutation attractively on the page.  It could read:  Dear Sir,/Ms./Manager/Human Resources/Search Team/To Whom It May Concern.

Center, bold and underline the reference line exactly as described.

last paragraph – 3 lines.  Please consider me for … State why you feel qualified.

2nd paragraph – 6 lines.  Your post-graduate diploma or degree/trade certifications and a short overview of your career to date.

3rd paragraph – 6 lines.  What you are doing now.

4th paragraph – 3 lines.  Refer to your résumé and restate your phone number and e-mail.

Yours truly,

John/Jane Doe

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