I quite often encounter individuals that would like to give back to the community in a meaningful way but are unsure of what that looks like.  I always reply in the same way; “Have you considered becoming a mentor?”  

To this question I usually get a variety of answers, but a common one is the sentiment of “What could I offer as a mentor?”  Well…

Have you ever searched for a job?

Would you be able to share with someone what it’s really like to work in your role?

Do you know the steps that you took to get to your current position?

Could you name some skills that are necessary for your job?

If you are able to answer YES to any of these questions then you have something to share as a mentor.  Aspire, a new program in the City and County of Peterborough, is currently recruiting mentors with a variety of work experiences and backgrounds.  The aim of the Aspire program, is to support young adults, aged 17-25 in achieving their training and employment goals through mentorship.  

Approximately ten percent of the youth in our community are currently out of work and out of school and as a result are at risk of becoming disconnected from our community.  Mentorship is a way for young adults to build a professional relationship with an adult in our community and be supported in a positive way as they work towards achieving their goals.      

There are many benefits to becoming a mentor.  It is a great opportunity to increase your own skills and personal growth.  Promote your business or industry by becoming part of a network of individuals making Peterborough great and hey, you just might find a great candidate for your business.  

Regardless of what industry you work in; from animal care to child care, retail to construction, graphic design to human resources, you have skills and experience to share that could make a significant difference in the life of a young adult in our community.  Become a mentor!