interview in progress

If experience is required, show how yours fits.  Know what is in your résumé and take along extras for your interviewer(s).  If you are asked what salary requirements you have, hedge and respond with a salary range starting at the lowest you would accept.  Naturally, you will have calculated all your personal household expenses as well as continuing education and professional membership fees.

When it comes to references, you could reply that when an offer is on the table, they will be supplied or take along a list of three business people (names, titles, organization, address, telephone number).  Be sure to inform these people that you have given their names and that they might be contacted.  Ask them to speak to some aspect of you that they like about you.  That way, they will be prepared and be sure to present you well.  If they are contacted at an inopportune moment, they could say so and return the phone call at a better time.  Remember to make eye contact with your interviewer(s) and speak in a positive, confident manner.

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