When I was applying for the Justin Chiu internship to work in Hong Kong this past summer, they were interested in a student that was both on the Dean’s Honour Role, and lots of extra curricular activities. The following three things helped me get an interview for the internship:

Studying Abroad:
Living in Japan for four months during my third year of University gave me an independence that can’t be gained through staying at home. I was responsible for myself in a country that had very few English speakers, while working to maintain grades that would be transferred to my record back at Trent. My experiences abroad showed that I wouldn’t crack under the pressure of working for a large company on the other side of the world, as well as that I am self-motivated. This was appealing for the interview panel.

Trent Business Students Association:
When I submitted my application I was an elected member of the Trent Business Students Association. At the time I was the Director of Marketing, which was great for me to be able to be on the board while not having it take up too much time. This position allowed me to focus on my grades as well. Being a director is not as overwhelming as being a VP. Since then I was elected as Executive Vice President and I got my share of a heavy workload, and that is another experience that I feel has changed me as a person in a positive way. Being involved in student government shows that you have the ability to both voice ideas and make decisions. You have to have been elected by the student body, which is an automatic green light to the employer.

Relevant work Experience:
When I applied for this internship I was not applying for something that I was not ready to handle. I had worked in an office for three years prior. I recommend that all students aim to get relevant working experience to what they feel is an idea job. I understand that many students may not know what they want to do when they graduate, but working in a related field to ‘business’ can’t hurt if you want to work anywhere from accounting to marketing.

Those three things helped make my resume stand out to the board who chose me to represent Trent internationally. I hope that student get involved as much as possible to benefit themselves and make them more competitive for a great job as soon as they graduate.

Dylan Hunt