Everyone needs to show EXPERIENCE on a resume but what if you have never worked?

One way I have solved this problem for high school and college students are asking them to consider volunteer work.  Sure, they are giving away their time for free but what they gain is worth more than a few dollars.  Many of these same students might sit at home doing nothing really valuable for themselves or for society.  They need to show their families, friends and future employers that they have initiative, a strong work ethic and a desire to contribute to society in general in a positive and meaningful manner.

These young people need to look within themselves to determine where their interests lie, e.g., animals, cognitively and/or physically handicapped persons, entertainment, fund-raising, lawn care, seniors, tutoring, swimming, etc.  Are they extroverts or introverts, early-risers or night-hawks?

The majority of not-for-profit organizations are only too happy to have good, hard-working and reliable volunteers for their events.  A few might be the Peterborough Humane Society, Music Fest, The Canadian Cancer Society, The City of Peterborough, The Canadian Diabetes Society.  In return for a few hours of work, students will be able to put the experience on their résumés.

Finally, I might add that all work is honourable.  Coffee shops, fast food restaurants and some grocery stores continually look for part-timers who are willing to assume variable shifts.  Entrepreneurial-minded individuals might like the idea of child-minding, dog-walking, fence painting, window washing.  Enough said!  Where there is a will, there is a way!

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