Hints on preparing your submission in response to a job advertisement for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources prepared by Chris Davies.

Your application package should contain 3 parts as follows:

 Part 1 – Introductory letter

  • Identifying the competition number you are applying for and a paragraph that indicates, in general terms, why you are interested in this specific position (natural progression, part of career plan, first step… whatever you feel is appropriate).
  • Put your name, address, email address and fax number if you have one on the first page of your letter
  • Telephone number where you can be reached during the day and one for after regular work hours

Part 2 – Statement of qualifications (the most important step)

  • Detail the scope and level of how your skills, knowledge and experience related to each of the qualifications stated in the job ad. The qualifications are used as selection criteria by the interview panel.

Hint: type all the qualifications as found on the job ad – then beneath each qualification state (in bullet points) how your skills, knowledge and experience relate to the qualifications. You can also include non-work related experience, e.g. school, volunteer, etc. It is important to illustrate the depth/level and scope of your skills/knowledge.


  1. Sound working knowledge of pertinent legislation, policies, procedures, directives, and guidelines related to Crown land and to resource management and Crown land acquisition and disposition.
  •  Describe/list your skills, knowledge and experience as they relate to the above qualification (selection criteria). Remember that you should include all your experience even though they may not be MNR related. Showing that your skills and knowledge have expanded overtime with increasing responsibility is important.
  1. Demonstrated technical skills, experience and knowledge of ecological sustainability and resource management principles and practices.
  •  Describe/list your skills, knowledge and experience as they relate to the above qualification (selection criteria).
  •  You would then continue with the remaining qualifications as listed in the job ad.

Hint – You may find that a particular example you use relates to more than 1 qualification – if this is the best example to illustrate this requirement, feel free to use it but keep in mind that if you use the same example for all of the required qualifications, this may be perceived as a “narrow” experience.

Part 3 – Resume/C.V.

  • Here is where you attach the standard resume/CV, which includes personal information, education, work history, hobbies, etc. Make sure your resume/CV is up to date! if you attach a statement of qualification, your resume/CV should highlight and provide additional detail on the key points made in your statement of qualification.