Let me begin by asking you if you have ever wondered if you could remake your life to make it more perfect. You will probably nod your head and think about things that you regret doing or saying. More than likely you will recall instances of being tactless or insensitive to someone’s troubles or frailties because you just didn’t know better. Wisdom does come with age, unfortunately! I used to chide my mother for walking slowly not understanding that often people do walk slower as they age. I had a boss once who had ulcers that made him cranky sometimes until I served him his afternoon milk. That was long ago. He had a very important executive position that required him to drink quantities of alcohol during long business lunches. Now I understand the stress he was under to fulfil his hosting duties with clients.

O.K. let us now dare to dream a new and more exciting career. What would be an ideal position for you at this stage of your life? The answer lies in what suits your particular personality and current lifestyle. Are you a person who loves to be crazy busy working for days on end and then having met your goal of income generation after being on a roll stop doing business and relax? More than likely you are the kind of person who will put the same intensity into having fun. Be sure you have an understanding family and friends. Never forget that they are your support system and have to understand and accept you. Of course, the same applies to you – no one is perfect.

Carefully examine the things you like and don’t like. Television programs, books, types of entertainment and the people you like to share or discuss them with. Do you need private time? Can you live with clutter or do you have to be super organized? If some one presents you with a new professional challenge would you/or could you meet it? Stretching is o.k. but there are limits. Would you like to work from home or in an office – open-plan or within a room all of your own? Are you open to travel?

So many considerations but fortunately the Internet has a wealth of information that can help you to focus.

Good luck! I’d be happy to hear from you.


The Job Savvy Blogger