Author: Paul Rellinger

The Common Denominator of Professional Association Membership? You Are Not Alone

No one has to sell Sheena Thornton on the merits of membership with a professional association. She has walked the walk and is thrilled over where her journey has taken her. Sheena is a member of the Peterborough chapter of the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) – one of 27 chapters in Ontario. With more than 200 members, it’s a very healthy collective that offers participants professional development activities, networking opportunities, mentoring connections, conferences and workshops – all the set pieces that a professional association should offer its members. But there’s something else more elementary and it speaks to the true benefit of professional association membership. “To be part of a bigger group of people who understand where you’re coming from and what you deal with on a day-to-day basis…that’s the benefit,” explains Sheena, who works for research company Ipsos-Reid in Toronto but, up to a year-and-a-half ago, was with Nexicom. “You really realize how many people are facing the similar situations as yourself; you get that different perspective on how to handle them and where to go. Maybe somebody has already gone through that. I find HR people really like to talk and share those experiences – what they have done, how they handled it and what they would do differently. HR is not black and white. It’s often grey. It all depends on the situation, the time...

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Professional Association Membership Is The Ultimate No-Brainer

On the short list of my career-related regrets, one still stands out as particularly glaring. Despite pledging many times to do so, I never took the first steps towards helping form an association for local media professionals. As highly competitive as the Peterborough media landscape is, in both a news reporting and sales sense, members of that fraternity share strikingly similar challenges, frustrations, stresses and concerns. The opportunity to come together socially would be as therapeutic as it is useful in coming up with possible solutions to common challenges. I’ve experienced that on an informal basis during the times my media colleagues do come together, be it at an assignment, a retirement function or something as simple as a few drinks after work. Try as we might to make idle chit-chat, the conversation always comes back to what we do, how we do it and/or how we can do it better. That is the tie that binds. That’s inevitable. Our media career pursuits form a huge part of our collective lives, so it’s what we talk about. But more than that, only those walking a similar path can truly understand the crosses the other has to bear. The opportunity to talk into a sympathetic ear is too good to pass up. In Peterborough, both city and county, there are a number of professional associations for members of a variety...

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‘Do What You Love’ And Realize your Small Business Dream

Lindsay Brock certainly thought owning and managing her own business was something she could do. Last August, with her husband Joe Hay, she opened Amusé Coffee Co. at 641 George Street North (at Edinburgh Street). The menu at the French-inspired café features Paninis, pastries and, of course, an array of coffee and tea varieties.

Of note, Lindsay credits FastStart – a youth entrepreneurship training partnership between Trent University, Fleming College and the Innovation Cluster – with giving her the guidance and confidence needed to take things to the next level. Also in the mix was assistance from StarterCompany and Community Futures Peterborough.

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Commission vs Salary: Passion Is Common To Sales Success

Oldies 96.7 Retail Sales Manager, Jef Dueck talks to Paul Rellinger about commission sales jobs.
“There used to be a saying that a good salesperson can sell anything. Those days have passed – any schtick sales approach can be smelled from a mile away. In today’s world of knowledge and information, you have to a specialist of your product/category and be able to present it with genuine passion in order to be a true asset to your company and solve the needs of your customer.”

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Internships: A Win-Win When Done Right

During my recent conversation with Cammie Jaquays, director of Trent University’s internship program for business administration students, she made a point of noting a large number of Peterborough employers are committed to giving students workplace experience. “We’re lucky…they do invest, they do put in the time,” she assessed, adding, “There’s a lot of learning that goes on.” There is indeed. I know that firsthand from my 27-year tenure as an editor with Peterborough This Week/ where my boss, editor-in-chief Lois Tuffin was, and remains, clearly cognizant of the value of bringing on co-op students, or interns. Students were, and are, integrated as part of the newsroom team almost immediately, attending story planning meetings, shadowing reporters on assignment and, eventually, writing stories which appeared under their name. On the newspaper’s part, there was, and is, a considerable investment of time and effort in their development in return for an extra body in an increasingly staff-deficient setting.   In a perfect world, we have an abundance of firms and companies that set aside budgeted dollars for interns. The reality is that’s not the case. Locally, we’re quite fortunate to have a number employers who want to help young people get a step up on their chosen career paths but paying for their labours isn’t an option. Instead, they offer the benefit of their guidance and experience. “I’ve always made it a...

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