You probably already know but just to be sure it would be a good idea to consult Mr Google.

Basically, introverts prefer space and time alone to function optimally.  While they may find that crowds and/or large groups of people are idea-forming and fun for short periods, they also tend to deplete them.

Extroverts, on the other hand, tend to draw their energy from people in social or large work situations and don’t do well in small or isolated work spaces.


Tips & Tricks for Introverts

Open plan offices are usually noisy and not built for introverts who find that they challenge their ability to concentrate.

They can:

  •   take a short walk; a coffee break and work from home occasionally.
  •   use noise-cancelling headphones.
  •   come in earlier or stay later than anyone else.
  •   book small meetings with colleagues if possible.
  •   make a point of checking in with colleagues in the morning to keep up with social activities
    to limit the number of colleagues dropping by unexpectedly.
  •   construct a cubicle of their own.

Tips & Tricks for Extroverts

It goes without saying that if they are an extrovert they usually only function best working with other people in fast-paced, busy work environments.

  •   they should never consider an isolated work space (office) that colleagues won’t enter unless
    there was a need to do so.
  •   they can announce an open-door policy and encourage coworkers to drop in for advice
    or short chats.
  •   make a point of joining others at coffee breaks and in the lunch room.
  •   invite people to have lunch out or to meet after work.

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